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Understanding Your Audience

July 05, 2018  •  2 Comments

Having been doing photography professionally for many years now I was surprised to read posts by two local photographers that I know and respect were both abandoning their dreams of doing it full time to make a living. Digging deeper I read ones comment to the other " I really don't understand why people don't buy my favorite work" The other agreed. This is not meant to disparage either of these talented photographers but I think they both miss the point. It may or may not be the reason for lack of sales. I believe I now have over 10K followers on my social media platforms combined. One of my first followers at least in the first 25 found me from my pictures being shown on Santa Cruz Wave. Tracie contacted me about purchasing a photo from me, one of several she owns. I happily took the order and processed it. An 11x14 luster print matted, signed and framed of the cypress tree in Moss Landing. It was a good picture but certainly not my favorite. When the order was completed I took the time to ask Tracie why she choose that picture. I hope Tracie doesn't mind me sharing this story. She told me about when she was a little girl with her mom, dad and sister. This is where they vacationed and would sit under that very tree. Her mother and father have passed and this picture brought her back to a place in time that was good. Every time she sees it now, it takes her to that place if only briefly. From that point forward I changed my outlook with my photography. I stopped taking pictures for me and instead I use my eye and my knowledge to take pictures for the world. Once I changed my focus and mental direction to accommodate my clients needs over my own I learned that sales followed. Talk to your clients. Facebook has been a boom for me, constant feedback with personal attention to all. The more sales, the more request for other opportunities. This may not be right for all and I'm not telling anyone what to do, just sharing what has and does work for me. The answer may lie in the attitude projected with your work. Who's it for, what's it about.

I hope this helps.

Happy Shooting 



Michele James(non-registered)
I know what you mean John. I have noticed that people purchase a photo because it takes them back or conjures a memory. It just happened last weekend at one of my shows. I also find that people like the photo more when they know the story behind it. That is why I do my Throwback Thursday shot. I don't want to abandon my dream but I do need to make some dinero at it!
This is such an important step in becoming successful in this business. I don't see many people talk about this, and it just makes me sad. This is the reason why most of the people become successful. They won't tell you that, because it's their secret.
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