Change Your Focal Length

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Change You Focal Length 

Sometimes just simple subtle changes with your focal length can reward you with excellent results. Set up on Sentinel Bridge Yosemite National Park for an iconic shot of Half Dome on a cold winter day. My gear for this shot is as follows;

Camera - Canon 5D Mark III

Lens - Canon 24-70 f2.8 gen II 

Filter - Gobe ND 1000 

Tripod - Giottos MH-511


Shot 1.

iso 100, 24MM, f16, 20 second shutter


Shot 2

iso 100, 38mm, f16, 30 second shutter


Using a ND filter this dark the auto focus will not pick up enough light for a focal point. To counter that we use manual focus for both shots with live view.

As you can see the changes were small, the results well worth trying. The hardest decision will be with your clients wondering which one to hang in their home. 

I hope this helps a little and please keep shooting. 

We offer private lessons by appointment.

John Slot Photography 



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