Butte Fire Remembered

September 01, 2016  •  14 Comments

As a tribute and remembrence of the horrific events from Sep. 2015 in Amador and Calaveras Counties. 

The Butte Fire

Warning: This photo essay shows images that may be disturbing to some. It is meant as a tribute and hopefully will not cause more pain to those affected. Please do not continue if you feel it may not be appropriate for you. This is a photo journey of my nine days that changed my life forever covering the Butte Fire with my camera. A lot of what transpired during the nine days I was behind the fire lines has become blurred and runs together. If the images are not in order I apologize. 

Day 1

Sep. 9, 2015 



Day 2-9


God Bless the men and women that came to help us, to those that endured and suffered and to all that helped and are continuing to help in the recovery.

John Slot Photography 




14.Alexandria Gonzales(non-registered)
This is a beautiful compilation of photographs. I think it represents the reality of what we all went through very well. It seems like it all happened yesterday. Thank you for capturing the beauty and the anguish of the Butte fire.
Thank you for you wonderful pictures you share with us. I have seen many shots of my neighborhood during and after fire. It was a terrifying event to go through but we survived and it's put my life in perspective. I find I have grown and changed my mind set. I use to work every chance I had but now I'm spending time with my family and took my 1st real vacation in 15 years away from the area. You have inspired me to look outside my box and explore the world! Thank you ❤️
Stunning work, John! Sad to see all the loss,still ongoing for so many. Thank you, firefighters!
Incredible photography. Will you be publishing a coffee table book of these photos?
10.Donna Brisendine-McDowell(non-registered)
John, you captured some powerful images and some desperate moments that all human beings can identify with!
My husband and I have now been on the edges of three different fires in two locations, in California, in the past three summers.
We have been very fortunate that our properties were spared but neighbors and friends have not all been so fortunate.
The fire crews in both locations have done and are doing an incredible job! One of the fires, the Fire in Big Sur, continues to burn after weeks of fighting it. The smoke has been almost constant for us in the Carmel Highlands for several weeks now.
The photos that you took here really can represent more than just the Butte fire!! The loss, suffering and damage along with the organized participation of the firefighter's is so similar in any wildfire... Thanks for capturing the devastation but also the remaining life and people. Life, eventually, does go on!
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