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Sometimes just simple subtle changes with your focal length can reward you with excellent results. Set up on Sentinel Bridge Yosemite National Park for an iconic shot of Half Dome on a cold winter day. My gear for this shot is as follows;

Camera - Canon 5D Mark III

Lens - Canon 24-70 f2.8 gen II 

Filter - Gobe ND 1000 

Tripod - Giottos MH-511


Shot 1.

iso 100, 24MM, f16, 20 second shutter


Shot 2

iso 100, 38mm, f16, 30 second shutter


Using a ND filter this dark the auto focus will not pick up enough light for a focal point. To counter that we use manual focus for both shots with live view.

As you can see the changes were small, the results well worth trying. The hardest decision will be with your clients wondering which one to hang in their home. 

I hope this helps a little and please keep shooting. 

We offer private lessons by appointment.

John Slot Photography 


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ZZ Top / Kenny Wayne Shepherd at Ironstone 9/30/16 ]]> (John Slot Photography) Ironstone Amphitheater KWS Kenny Wayne Shepherd Rock ZZ Top blues classic concert rock Sun, 02 Oct 2016 02:27:21 GMT Lou Gramm and Bad Co. at Ironstone Amphitheater 9/4/16

Lou Gramm and Bad Co. at Ironstone 9/4/16


As the lead singer of Foreigner, Lou Gramm toured the world. The band sold more than 70 million albums, but he bickered with co-writer and guitarist Mick Jones. The Rochester, NY native also developed a serious drug problem and nearly died from a brain tumor. It’s all recounted in his newly released book “Juke Box Hero.” Now recovered and with a new set of talented musicians he is bringing the sounds and hits of Foreigner to fans across the country. Let’s set aside a few technical glitches last night, Lou’s voice not holding key on a couple of occasions and forgetting the words more than once. The sound a bit scratchy at moments as well. With that aside the folks around me I talked with never noticed and were in awe and excitement getting to hear one of their Rock Icons in person deliver the songs they wanted to sing along with. Good for you Juke Box Hero. Your fans love you and what more motivation is needed to continue with what you love to do.


One of the most acclaimed bands of the classic rock era, England's Bad Company has put its indelible stamp on rock 'n' roll with a straight-ahead, no-frills musical approach that has resulted in the creation of some of the most timeless rock anthems ever. Led by the incomparable singer and songwriter Paul Rodgers, arguably the finest singer in rock 'n ' roll and a huge songwriting talent. Rogers voice is still smooth as silk with a range not found with a lot of singers. The show had the presence of an arena act with outstanding visuals and lighting to compliment the amazing talent of this group of men. It may not be the original members but the professional delivery made this a Rock-n-Roll event that will be talked about for a while.

On the slightly negative side, I thought the show was short. A headliner walking off waiting for the encore after 55 minutes. Unfair to those plucking down their hard earned dollars for a night out. The restrictions this band placed on the media photographers was beyond anything I have ever experienced. With that said I will never cover a Bad Co. show again. This band requested all photographers turn over their equipment to the band after the third song. I don’t think so…..unless you want to swap for a couple of 62 Fender Strats, forget about it…not on my watch.


John Slot





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Butte Fire Remembered As a tribute and remembrence of the horrific events from Sep. 2015 in Amador and Calaveras Counties. 

The Butte Fire

Warning: This photo essay shows images that may be disturbing to some. It is meant as a tribute and hopefully will not cause more pain to those affected. Please do not continue if you feel it may not be appropriate for you. This is a photo journey of my nine days that changed my life forever covering the Butte Fire with my camera. A lot of what transpired during the nine days I was behind the fire lines has become blurred and runs together. If the images are not in order I apologize. 

Day 1

Sep. 9, 2015 



Day 2-9


God Bless the men and women that came to help us, to those that endured and suffered and to all that helped and are continuing to help in the recovery.

John Slot Photography 



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Lynyrd Skynyrd and Peter Frampton at Ironstone  

How do you put a cherry on top of a perfect foothills weekend? It isn’t a recipe that’s hard to follow so pay close attention.

Let us start with a cup of perfect weather, warm but not to hot for this Sunday evening. Slowly mix in 7000 plus of your best friends and neighbors for a sell out crowd at the most beautiful venue in California, Ironstone Amphitheater.

Ladle in a talented unknown from London Jack Broadbent then slowly stir in two headline bands like say Peter Frampton and Lynyrd Skynyrd, simmer on high heat for four hours and this weekend is done.


The show opened at 6:45 sharp with Jack Broadbent. Playing his lap guitar with a pocket flask slide to a rapid fire pace bending and moving the notes while taking us on a journey into his world. Engaging young English Lad. I was pleased he choose to cover Little Feats “Weed, Whites and Wine” for his closing number a homage to the late Lowell George and favorite of mine.

What can be said about Peter Frampton that hasn’t been said. Like an old friend that stopped by to visit, we felt right at home with our good friend entertaining us. The PF Band is a tight musically accomplished group that is easy to listen to and sing along with. Admit it, you know the words, “Baby I love Your Way, Do you Feel Like I Do, and others. I was hoping for some more from the Humble Pie era but loved it when Frampton and guitar master Adam Lester were trading riffs back and forth. I confess I have been a huge Frampton fan for a long time.

Chevrolet, Apple Pie and Lynyrd Skynyrd it just doesn’t get more American than the boys from Alabama. Can I get a “Hell Yes”. This 9 piece iconic traveling show has been on the road for close to forty years now. They bring their rowdy party to town and play the same twelve songs they played last year and the year before that and you know why, because it works. They bring what the fans want time after time. Their stage presence and moves have been choreographed and perfected through the years. They play hard and talk to you like your uncle Billy might on the back porch. Proud of our country and those that serve and protect it. Best yet, not afraid to shout out their love for our great country.

Their set started with MCA and finished with Sweet Home Alabama and the most famous southern rock anthem of all time, Free Bird, along with all of the hits sandwiched in-between. 

The crowd had a great time with smiles on all of the faces. Just an amazing night out. Oh by the way, yours truly got a fist bump from front man Johnny Van Zant……put a cherry on it!

Next up Sep. 4th Bad Co. and Lou Graham get your tixs and I’ll see y’all there.


John Slot 

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Chris Young and Jon Pardi at Ironstone Amphitheater

Slip those Tony Lamas onto your feet and slide the cuffs of your Wranglers over the tops. Grab you shiniest belt buckle, your best Sunday shirt and that beautiful cowgirl next to you. Ironstone Amphitheater went country with Chris Young, Jon Pardi and Tyler Rich this past Sunday Night. 


Tyler Rich from Yuba City, Ca. opened the show with his hard charging style of country. Rich enjoyed playing to the crowd feeding off of his Northern Cali roots. Sharing his inspiration coming from seeing George Strait at an early age. Very engaging young man with a great stage presence.


Fresh off of finding out the night before that their new single Head Over Boots reached #1 on the country charts. Jon Pardi cut his chops in the west coast honky tonk scene. A throwback to the country music of the 90’s with a Nashville blue-collar sound that couldn’t care less about what is hip or popular now. Pardi is a vocal performer with old school flair sharing the new album California Sunrise throughout his set. A breath of fresh air in a crowded Nashville scene.


Chris Young is best known for his muscular baritone and for winning the televised Nashville Star singing competition in 2006. Influenced by Randy Travis, George Strait, Clint Black and Keith Whitley. Born and raised in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Chris Young was interested in music from a young age. He sang in the choir in his teens, but didn't get serious about music as a career until later. Sober Saturday Night and I’m coming Over got the crowd up and dancing in the isles. 


Great crowd on a very warm evening on Six Mile Road. I have seen many concerts over my years in many different venues. Ironstone Amphitheater is by far my favorite venue to see a great show. Please keep them coming and we will keep on attending.


Next up Aug. 21 is Peter Frampton and Lynyrd Skynyrd….get your tickets and we’ll see y’all there.

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Train at Ironstone


Another picturesque Calaveras evening on Six Mile Road welcomed the patrons eager to enjoy San Francisco’s own Train performing for the sold out crowd on Saturday night. The hot weather held back and gave us a spectacular foothills evening. The crowd was there to sing, dance and sip a little wine through the night.


Opening was English Beat. Formed in 1978 with an English Ska sound this band has broken apart and then reassembled with original members Dave Wakeling and Ranking Rodgers. This was a great opening act. The band has enough hits the folks remembered, to get them out of their seats, tapping their toes and bobbing their heads with the beat. Just an outstanding warm up for the headliner. I like the 2 band lineup at Ironstone. This allows the opening act about 30 minutes extra to perform. Mirror in the Bathroom, their most well known hit sounding amazing live, yours truly dancing in the isle as well. 





Train is a Grammy Award-winning alternative rock band, formed in San Francisco, California, in 1994. Their music is difficult to classify, as it contains traces of country, rock, adult contemporary and various other genres. The group started out in San Francisco with only two members, Rob Hotchkiss and Patrick Monahan, performing in coffee houses and local clubs. After deciding to form a full band, the duo recruited Jimmy Stafford on guitar, Charlie Colin on bass and, at a later date, Scott Underwood as drummer.

I have never seen any entertainer embrace a crowd and feed off of them better than Pat Monahan. First taking selfies with the crowd grabbing one cell phone after another. Follow that with throwing Train T-shirts to the crowd, even one signed by the band. Then a delightful stroll through the crowd letting a few brave ladies sing along as others were just grasping at tush or a simple touch. Just a great interaction appreciated by all of us. High fives, hugs and hand shakes all around. Train entertained us exceptionally well.

All of the hits and a few new songs were played Soul Sister, Meet Virginia, Marry Me, Calling All Angels and more. The night finished with an amazing encore starting with a blazing Eagles tribute of Hotel California followed by their biggest hit to date Drops of Jupiter finishing with David Bowie's Space Oddity. Ground Control to Major Tom time to drive safely home. Nothing but grins on our faces. 


Just a tasty night out. REG and Ironstone Amphitheater got this one right.


Next up we're going country with Chris Young Sunday Aug. 14 at 7PM. Get your tickets and we'll see y'all there.


John Slot 



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Ironstone Kicks Off The Summer Concert Season

This past week saw the start of the summer concert season at Ironstone Amphitheater. With the most aggressive line up ever this summer promises to be one for the ages delighting music lovers of Calaveras County and all of our welcomed friends and neighbors. I am so humbled getting to do what I love to do, listen to great music by world class performers and take pictures of the event. Sharing my take on the evening with y’all is just a bonus for this country boy.


 Thursday night kick started the summer with a country party. Michael Ray, Dan and Shay and Darius Rucker. 

Just an outstanding night out with a crowd so eager and energetic and I must say beautiful too, settled in for the country ruckus going on. Michael Ray opened the show with a very uptempo start to this party followed by Dan and Shay. 

 The crowd was buzzing awaiting Darius Rucker and exploded out of their seats when he took the stage. With a voice like butter so smooth and soothing it is easy to see why he has lasted the test of time in a difficult industry. Just an amazing talent. Although converting to country more than 10 years ago he still brought some of the Hootie and the Blowfish songs out of the vault delighting the crowd even more. A great Country Music Crowd out for a great evening. Everyone I spoke with left the night pleased that they came. 


 Friday night brought out the rock-n-roll crowd with a fully stacked line up of Tribal Society, Collective Soul and The Goo Goo Dolls. Having seen the GGD’s a few times prior I knew they always try to help upcoming New York (Buffalo area) bands by bringing them on tour. Tribal Society was one of those opportunities. I felt they may have been a bit out of place for the crowd but did enjoy a few of their songs. I had trouble figuring out their genre, kind of a cross hybrid of Korn and Jethro Tull. 

 Atlanta based Collective Soul took the stage next and owned it for their 45 minutes with us. Ed Rowland shows how to interact with a crowd wanting to be told a story. Just an outstanding stage presence. Brother Dean on lead guitar went off with his nimble fingers floating across the frets with every power stance known to man. I like these guys a lot and would love to see more than the 45 minutes allotted. They covered some of their new album “See What you Started” and a few of their old hits, my favorite, “World I Know” completing their 8 song set. 


 Has it really been 30 years since John Rzeznik and Robbie Takae formed Goo Goo Dolls in Buffalo, NY? Even though it is their first visit to Ironstone the Calaveras crowd treated them like old friends with a great big hug and kiss. John wasn’t sure where he was… (Six Mile Road can do that to you) but knew he was with friends. Their music is timeless as many can attest to singing along with all of their hits..ummm me included… I hope they come back again. You won’t find a more fun night out than bouncing balloons with the Goo.

The show stealer was the gorgeous sunset lighting Ironstone in hues of blue and pink and the beautiful faces of Calaveras County. I can’t imagine a better start to concert season than Thursday and Friday night. Richter Entertainment Group got these right.


John Slot

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2016 Ironstone Concert Preview 2016 Calaveras Concert Season


I am so happy to write about something I love so much and that is live music. To me there isn’t a better night out than being under the stars with my wife or friends listening to our favorite bands on a warm Calaveras night. This season will be the third year for me covering Richter Entertainment Group’s Ironstone Concert series for The Valley Springs News. It has been a wonderful relationship with all REG, VSN and Ironstone. This year my reviews will also be published on blog. 

Well it just keeps getting better. This year has the most aggressive and diverse line up ever at Ironstone. There will be a show for everyone this year and I am extremely excited. 

it all starts July 14 with Darius Rucker….. Yes Hootie is coming to Ironstone followed the next night July 15 with my favorite band from the 90’s The Goo Goo Dolls and Collective Soul. I have seen GGD’s three times live and am so looking forward to number 4. They are a great addition to the walls of Ironstone with this being their first appearance in Calaveras County.

The talent shifts to a different style July 27 with Sublime. This is an all general admission show so get there early for the front spots.

Aug. 6 brings Train and The English Beat…..I predict this will be the first concert sold out this summer so don’t wait to get your tickets for this amazing show.

Just added Aug. 14 is Chris Young.

All you hell raisers get a night out, Aug. 21 puts 2 iconic bands together with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Peter Frampton. I have seen both bands more than once and my prediction is watch Peter Frampton steal the show this night….I’ve seen it before, can’t wait.

Sep. 4 brings Bad Co. to town. How do we end the season this year. On Sep. 30 we will have a Texas party roll into town with ZZ Top and Gregg Allman. 

All ticket can be purchased at .

The foothill will be alive with the sound of Country and Rock music echoing along Six Mile Road.


See y’all there


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Welcome to John Slot Photography John Slot Photography



Welcome to my web page and store. is a direct result of all of you. If not for you following me on Facebook, Instagram or The Valley Springs News and encouraging me to launch a website this would not have happened.

It is the warmest feeling of satisfaction knowing someone found pleasure in my craft, hang my art in their homes or offices, gifting to another or just enjoying the posts.

I am photographer and I am a teacher. In future bogs I will get into beginning photography do’s and don’ts as well as write about concert reviews and anything else that catches our attention.

Thank you for being here. If you have a suggestion let me know what it is, if you have a request or custom order please let me know.

This is a whole new world for this small town photographer. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision being accepted with open arms by so many of you. I feel so blessed and thankful for what I have.

Good folks hang out here so tell your friends about us, if you haven’t already please follow me on Facebook. Shop and enjoy your experience. 

Bless you all


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Workshops & Classes

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Getting Started Welcome to John Slot Photography. I'm John, a landscape photographer based in California. I'm so excited to share my passion with you. 

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